I’ve been brought up in the sales world for so long that what appears to be obvious, isn’t so simple for those without a sales eye. Coming to this realization, I wanted to give you a glimpse into some not so obvious tips and tricks for the “non” sales, salesperson. You know who you are. You love what you do, you operate in your sweet spot when doing your job. But asking people to purchase your service or product offering, man that makes you feel super icky. The downfall of that means it will be hard to truly achieve success if you lose sight of sales. Yeah, you may land one or two clients, but once those services near the end, you will be a starving artist. Mostly panic-stricken thinking where and when will I find my next client! This fear leads to doubt and panic, and man, we never make clear-headed decisions when in that mode of our lives.

What I encourage you to do, is take a hard look at your list of potential clients. If you are like most non-sales, salespeople well you are under the impression that Suzy is going to be your next client. If I had to bet, you would probably bet your house on the close of that deal. When I say, great! Who is next? You really can’t add any more names. Sometimes you wrack your brains thinking, “What, I need MORE? But Suzy is going to work with me. Why do I need more?”

This my amazing business friends is the 1:1 Trap. You fall in love with the potential of that lead, and forget the trickiest part of sales is Suzy is in control until you get her commitment. Your entire business success rests in the hands of her decision “to be or not be” your next client. That is the question, right?

So take the power back and don’t allow for that to happen. Typical sales-minded individuals like to have a 3:1 ratio. Three great potential opportunities for growth to close 1 new client. For those that hate to promote their own business, I am going to ask you for a 10:1 ratio. Find 10 interested people. Think of them as dates. People who already met up with you on that blind date and you think, “Well, I definitely want to spend more time with them!” People you clicked with so well you wondering if you should call them the next day to set up a time to meet again. The people who make your stomach do belly flops, and your palms get a little sweaty when you think of them. Those are the opportunities you need to keep track of, keep calling, and growing the relationship until they may or may not be your next client. The more of those you have the greater the chance you will have to close 1 or more of those deals to keep your business afloat.

The great news is you usually will close more deals than just one, and if you can only serve one client at a time, now you just created your very own waitlist. Congratulations!

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