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My favorite part of working with Manda is that she doesn’t just give you tasks, she gets in the trenches with you and your team. I feel more organized, more aware of my numbers, and feel like I have a partner with whom I can share ideas.
Lillie N., Owner of Lillie N. Nkenchor, PC

As a company we were going along ok, but I knew we could be better. I hired Manda to help identify our blocking issues and work with the executive team to identify strategies to address the issues and take our company to the next level of success. She was key in the process, helping us establish groundwork, missing processes, working with team members that can be difficult. Since her involvement, we are a better functioning team and we’ve grown sales in a segment of our business by 65% in 1yr. She works to understand you as a person and your goals for the company and really helps drive solutions that fit.

Chris – BornTec

I first hired Manda to help improve our sales pipeline. I was really just looking for some hands-on sales training for our team but what I received was much more. In the short period we worked together, we’ve had 2 record-breaking months in sales that we were never able to achieve before. The training she provided for our team was both insightful and immediately actionable. In addition, I very much appreciated that Manda excels when working with ambiguity.

It is often difficult to find people who have both the strategic mindset and an ability to execute details when needed. Manda is just this type of unicorn.

Tony – HT Mart

Working with Manda has helped me build my confidence stronger in achieving my goals and building a sustainable and profitable agency. She just gets it! Her MindScan process was spot on and our 1:1 sessions have been a game-changer in how I work, how I communicate with my own clients, and has given me the momentum I was seeking to step it up personally and professionally.
Valentina B., Owner of VMaria Consulting

We have been working with Manda for 2+ years now and her expertise in business coaching is directly responsible for our continued growth. Her insight and ability to guide our brainstorm sessions were invaluable as we had to pivot our gym operations during the COVID lock-downs. If you are looking to grow your business and need a top notch strategist to help shape your business plans then Manda is definitely the coach I would recommend. 

Matt B. – S3E Crossfit

SGS has helped me with my business not only from a professional stand point but has helped me grow in my personal life as well. All around a fantastic experience to help me push forward with my business faster than I could have ever imagined.

I would recommend SGS for any business at any point in their development.   Every team could use their services, no matter how big or small. SGS has the tools, resources and network to help you succeed in living the life and growing the business of your dreams.

John T. – TriCore

Manda came in at the early stages to help come up with a plan to launch The Buildsters. Going into this relationship, I was expecting just another “hand to hire” relationship focused on a financial transaction. What I found was that I gained someone that acted as a business partner. She not only helped us get our investment documents together, create a sales strategy and pipeline, and connected us to companies that changed our business model, but she was also there to support us in everything that we were doing, even if it somewhat fell outside of the scope of services. Through tough times and good times, she always brought a spark of encouragement, and always knew how to take a concept and turn it into a functional machine. The only reason I am hesitant to write this testimonial, is that selfishly I don’t want to share her. I hope to make Manda a full time part of my team- she is that large of an asset to any organization looking to grow, and any entrepreneur that has a vision and needs someone to help make that vision real. 

John – The Buildsters

SGS takes the guess work out of “what do I do next?”  Pushing you to expand your expectations of yourself and your business.  Then celebrating with you when you surpass those goals.

Megan T. – Train With Tibbs

SGS really helped me accelerate my new business especially through sales, operations and helping me to prioritize how to get things done. SGS is extremely dedicated to making sure their clients are a success and understands the strategies to get a startup to succeed. I highly recommend hiring SGS if you want to be successful.

Asnee F. – Shoptaki

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